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TB Insider: The 8th C. Wonder of the World

By Blair — October 24, 2011

The biggest news in retail in New York City this weekend was from the new kid on the block, C. Wonder. No stranger to luxury fashion, industry veteran Chris Burch has delivered yet another well thought out concept with a stunning store front at the best time of year to be doing business – right in time for the holidays. C. Wonder is more than just a high end women’s apparel collection. CEO of C. Wonder, and former husband and business partner to Tory Burch, Chris has branched off and incorporated jewelry, luggage and home goods into his most recent fashion endeavor.

PopSugar reported on the store’s Grand Opening that took place this weekend at the new flagship store in NYC, and only had great things to say about the new style hub.  ”The big, bright green doors — marked with an extravagant “C” — give way to a veritable emporium of prepped out, stylized goods”. This store will be the first of three to open in New York this year, with 20 more set to pop up around the country in 2012. The boutique – for lack of a bigger, better term – is divided into separate categories for each genre, with each separate room embodying a different mood or perspective. Within one trip to this highly stylized store, you can live out every American socialite dream, whether its at a posh ski resort, a Palm Springs cabana, or in a luxe English townhouse. And to give a totally custom shopping experience to each visitor, you can adjust the music and lighting in your own dressing room.

Take a peek into the C. Wonderland that is now up and running on Spring Street in the Big Apple. Their opening drew a crowd of both tourists, locals and celebrities and featured live DJ sets, complimentary desserts and lots of prize giveaways. C. Wonder’s collection has also recently been featured in People and the New York Post, which means you should definitely get in ahead of the holiday masses! If you still aren’t sold on making the trip to visit this heavenly escape, soon enough you’ll be able to pick up this designer’s duds online.

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